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Palestine: 5 year old Palestinian girl run over by Israeli army vehicle in Hebron

By Qays Abu Samra


HEBRON, Palestine (AA): A 5-year-old Palestinian girl was injured Sunday after being run over by an Israeli military vehicle in the West Bank old city of Hebron, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent. Meanwhile, more than 150 Palestinians on Sunday were injured in occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In a statement, the Red Crescent said the child was rushed to hospital for treatment.

The Palestinian health ministry said the child suffered bruises in her lower part.

There was no comment from the Israeli army on the incident.

Meanwhile, more than 150 Palestinians on Sunday were injured in occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip after Israeli security forces dispersed the protests against the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In a statement the Palestine’s Red Crescent said a total of 157 people were injured during the clashes that took place in Ramallah, Tulkarim and Bethlehem cities, and Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces used tear gas, live ammunition and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters. 13 people were injured in Gaza and 144 others in various parts of West Bank, it said.

Since Friday, four Palestinians were killed and over a thousand injured in clashes as well as Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and West Bank since Friday.

On Wednesday, Trump announced U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and said the U.S. Embassy would be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The dramatic shift in Washington’s Jerusalem policy triggered demonstrations in the occupied Palestinian territories and Muslim countries.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem — now occupied by Israel — might eventually serve as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Additional report by The Muslim News

[Photo: Israeli security forces fire tear gas at Palestinians demonstrating against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, in Bethlehem, West Bank on December 10, 2017. Photographer: Issam Rimawi/AA]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/palestine/palestine-5-year-old-palestinian-girl-run-over-by-israeli-army-vehicle-in-hebron/

Iraqi forces recaptures all territories overrun by Daesh, incl border with Syria

By Ibrahim Salih


BAGHDAD (AA): Iraqi forces have regained full control of the country’s border with Syria, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said Saturday.

“Our forces are in complete control of the Iraqi-Syrian border,” al-Abadi said in a televised speech in the capital Baghdad.

He said the Iraqi victory over the Daesh terrorist group has been realized with unity among Iraqis.

Iraqi forces have managed to recapture all territories overran by Daesh in northern and western Iraq in 2014.

“Our dream of liberation is now a reality and we have claimed victory against Daesh,” al-Abadi said. “The Iraqi flag flies high today over all Iraqi lands.”

“Preserve your union and begin a bright new future”, he added.

Al-Abadi said that anti-corruption drive will be an extension of rescue operations — the next step Iraq will take.

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May congratulated Al-Abadi “on this historic moment. I pay tribute to the Iraqi Security Forces for their courage and sacrifice.”

She added that Daesh “no longer hold significant territory in Iraq or Syria. This signals a new chapter towards a more peaceful, prosperous country,” and said that the UK was involved in this victory as it “has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Iraq to help them open that chapter.”

However, May warned that whilst Daesh is failing, “they are not yet defeated. They still pose a threat to Iraq, including from over the Syrian border.”


Meanwhile, U.S. State Department in a statement congratulated Iraq, saying the announcement signals that the last remnants Daesh in Iraq have been erased and the people living in those areas have been freed from the terrorist group€™s brutal control

“The United States joins the government of Iraq in stressing that Iraq’s liberation does not mean the fight against terrorism, and even against ISIS [Daesh], in Iraq is over,” Heather Nauert, a U.S. State Department’s spokeswoman, said.

Additional report by The Muslim News 

[Photo:  Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi delivers his speech on victory against Daesh terrorist organisation in Baghdad, Iraq on December 9, 2017.  Photographer: Haydar Hadi/AA]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/middle-east/iraqi-forces-recaptures-territories-overran-daesh-incl-border-syria/

Palestine: Israel kills four and injures over a thousand Palestinians

By Nour Abo Aisha


GAZA CITY (AA): Four Palestinians were killed in fresh Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

In a statement, ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said two Palestinians were recovered from under the rubble of a Hamas post struck by Israeli warplanes south of Gaza City.

The Israeli army said its forces had struck four Hamas targets in Gaza overnight following a rocket fire from the Palestinian territory into southern Israel.

Palestinian Health Ministry reported, Friday, that Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians, and injured 1114 others, in several parts of the occupied West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. A baby was one of those injured on Friday.

The Ministry said that 954 Palestinians received treatment by local medics, mostly due to teargas inhalation, or after being shot with rubber-coated steel bullets, and moved 160 others, including those who were shot with live rounds, to various hospitals in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

[Palestinians inspect the damage after Israeli air strikes hit their homes in Beit Lahia, Gaza on December 9, 2017. (Mustafa Hassona Anadolu Agency) ]

The Health Ministry also said that five of the wounded Palestinians, from the Gaza Strip, suffering life-threatening injuries, and many others suffered moderate wounds, while the rest suffered minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, and the effects of teargas inhalation.

Tension has risen across the West Bank and Gaza following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision on Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as Israel™s capital.

Thousands of Palestinians staged rallies across the West Bank amid clashes with Israeli forces, which left at least two protesters killed and over a thousand injured.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem – occupied by Israel in 1967 â might eventually serve as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Additional report from The Muslim News Imemc

[Photo:  A wounded baby waits for treatment at Indonesia hospital after Israeli army carried out airstikes in Beit Lahia, Gaza on December 8, 20DZ.  Photographer:  Mustafa Hassona/AA]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/palestine/palestine-israel-kills-two-and-injures-over-a-thousand-palestinians/

Palestine: Islamic institutions warn of ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem

By Abdel-Raouf Arnaout


JERUSALEM (AA): Islamic institutions based in Jerusalem on Thursday warned of the potentially dire implications of the U.S. decision to recognize the city as Israel’s capital.

“We warn against the exploitation of this decision by the Israeli occupation and extremist Jewish groups to advance their plans as they pertain to the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” read a joint statement issued by several Jerusalem-based Islamic institutions.

The statement was signed by the Jordan-run Islamic Waqf (which oversees Jerusalem’s holy sites), the Jerusalem Islamic Affairs Council, the Supreme Islamic Committee, the Palestinian Fatwa Authority and the Jerusalem Waqf Department.

Despite widespread international opposition, U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

According to Trump, the U.S. State Department has already begun preparations for the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The dramatic shift in U.S. policy has sparked demonstrations in the occupied Palestinian territories, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq and other Muslim countries.

In light of Trump’s controversial decision, the joint statement warned against Israel’s ongoing attempts to “Judaize” Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound with a view to changing the city’s historical demography.

“We warn against the consequences of this resolution [to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital], which violates international resolutions and the UN’s founding charter,” the joint statement read.

It went on to urge the U.S. administration “to immediately reverse this unjust decision and abide by relevant resolutions and laws”.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem †now occupied by Israel — might eventually serve as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

During his electoral campaign last year, Trump repeatedly promised to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and acknowledge Jerusalem as the Jewish state’s capital.

[Archive Photo: Fear of Judaization Al-Aqsa-Mosque. Photo by Andrew Shiva/Creative Commons]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/palestine/palestine-islamic-institutions-warn-judaization-jerusalem/

US President Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as capital of Israel condemned

(AA): The US formally recognised Jerusalem as Israelâs capital, President Donald Trump announced Wednesday brushing aside broad-based international opposition. Under Geneva Convention, Jerusalem is considered as an occupied territory and so it is illegal to consider it as capital of its occupied, Israel. France â€does not approve” the U.S’ “regrettable” move in recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

Trump is also directing the State Department to initiate the relocation of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied city Jerusalem. The move is expected to take a number of years.

“My announcement today marks the beginning of a new approach to conflict between Israel and the Palestinians,” Trump said during a public address from the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House.

“There will of course be disagreement and dissent regarding this announcement — but we are confident that ultimately, as we work through these disagreements, we will arrive at a place of greater understanding and cooperation,” he said. “This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.”


The president’s decision places the U.S. at odds with decades of American policy, as well as the rest of the international community, except Israel. No nation has its embassy in Jerusalem. It is also likely to stymy any effort to restart long-stalled peace Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Palestinians have been seeking East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state during peace talks. It has been occupied by Israel since 1967. West Jerusalem was occupied by Israel late 1948 and is considered as military occupation by Geneva Convention.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stressed the importance of a two-state solution after Trump said the U.S. would support it “if agreed to by both sides.”

Guterres told reporters at the UN’s New York headquarters that it is only by realizing the vision of two states “living side-by-side in peace, security and mutual recognition, with Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Palestine, and all final status issues resolved permanently through negotiations” that the aspirations of both parties can be achieved.

Long-time Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu has dropped his support for the proposal after appearing to publicly endorse it in 2009.

In the waning days of former President Barack Obama’s administration, then-Secretary of State John Kerry said Palestinians have a shared claim to Jerusalem. Netanyahu condemned Kerry’s speech at the time, calling it â€unbalanced.”

Trump will sign a six-month waiver off-setting the embassy’s relocation on national security grounds in order to avoid cuts to the State Department budget during the transition period, according to an official knowledgeable on the matter.

Successive U.S. presidents of both parties have signed the waiver since the Jerusalem Embassy Act went into law in 1995, perpetually forestalling the building’s legislated move over concerns it could spark a diplomatic crisis and be a death knell for peace talks.

“Some say they lacked courage, but they made their best judgement based on facts as they understood them at the time,” Trump said referring to past presidents who signed the waiver. “Nevertheless the record is in. After more than two decades of waivers we are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. It would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result.”

Nonetheless, the decision was met with opposition from activists.

“Trump had the gall to call his upheaval of decades of strategic White House policy a ‘new approach’,” said Emily Mayer, a national coordinator with IfNotNow, a progressive Jewish-American group that opposes the Israeli occupation.

“But this is not a new approach — it is an act of incitement from the Trump administration against Palestinians and a recipe for disaster. Today’s announcement only entrenches Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian land and drives Israelis and Palestinians farther away from the lasting â€peace’ he so callously talked about,” she told Anadolu Agency.

But the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group in the U.S., said Trump’s declaration “acknowledges that Jerusalem will continue to be Israel’s capital as part of any conceivable final status agreement.

“Today’s action by President Trump is an important, historic step for which we are grateful. We urge the president to quickly relocate our embassy to Israel’s capital,” it said in a statement.

Palestinian leaders have already called for three “days of rage” to contest Trump’s decision.

Jerusalem is considered holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and changes to the contested city’s status quo have been historically met with fierce opposition.

Israel’s decision to restrict Muslim access to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in 2015 set off widespread street violence between Palestinians and Israeli security forces. And an Israeli decision to install controversial metal detectors at the mosque’s entrance earlier this year was ultimately reversed after being met with mass protests by Palestinians.

In making his announcement, Trump called on all parties to maintain the status quo at Jerusalem’s holy sites, including Haram al-Sharif, or the Aqsa compound.

Vice President Mike Pence will visit the region “in the coming days to reaffirm our commitment to work with partners throughout the Middle East to defeat radicalism that threatens the hopes and dreams of future generations”, Trump said.

Jordan’s government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said in a written statement that his country reject the decision.

”The international legitimacy emphasizes that the status of Jerusalem will be negotiated and agreed upon by agreement,” he said, adding that the U.S. is violating international legitimate decisions with this step.

Additional report by The Muslim News

[Photo: Demonstrators burn tyres and shout slogans during a protest against the US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, in Gaza City, Gaza on December 07, 2017. Photographer: Ali Jadallah/AA]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/palestine/us-president-trumps-decision-recognise-jerusalem-capital-israel-condemned/

UN: How much suffering until Rohingya Muslims plight is seen?


By Fatih Erel


GENEVA (AA): The UN’s human rights chief on Tuesday called for an international criminal investigation into “widespread, systematic and shockingly brutal” attacks on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called on a special session of the UN Human Rights Council to “take the appropriate action to stop this madness now”.

€œHow much do people have to endure before their suffering is acknowledged and their identity and rights are recognized, by their government and by the world?€ he told the council in Geneva.

Hussein condemned €œdecades of statelessness imposed on the Rohingya, policies of dehumanizing discrimination and segregation and the horrific violence and abuse, along with the forced displacement and systematic destruction of villages, homes, property and livelihoods.”

He added: â€Can anyone rule out that elements of genocide may be present?

“Ultimately, this is a legal determination only a competent court can make. But the concerns are extremely serious, and clearly call for access to be immediately granted for further verification.

Hussein said his office had sent three teams to Bangladesh this year to monitor the situation and interview refugees.

“Witnesses reported acts of appalling barbarity committed against the Rohingya, including deliberately burning people to death inside their homes murders of children and adults; indiscriminate shooting of fleeing civilians; widespread rapes of women and girls; and the burning and destruction of houses, schools, markets and mosques.”

The UN Human Rights Council and the UN Security Council had been informed of persistent allegations of serious human rights violations by security forces, he added.

âProsecutions for alleged acts of violence against them, including sexual violence — whether committed by security forces or civilians — appeared to be extremely rare,” Hussein said.

Marzuki Darusman, the chair of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar, said: “Victims and witnesses recounted to us acts of extreme brutality against the Rohingya, especially since August.

“We heard numerous testimonies alleging killings, arbitrary detentions, sexual violence, torture, disappearances, and arson of entire villages. We fear that the number of casualties might be very high indeed.”

– Return to homes

Turkey’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Naci Koru, called for the international community to ensure the safe return of Rohingya refugees to their homes in Myanmar.

He also warned of the risk posed by extremist groups such as Daesh.

“Turkey believes that the situation in Rakhine remains to be an important humanitarian crisis that may have serious implications on the region and beyond,” Koru.

“If the international community does not take a firm stand, this issue can be hijacked by radical elements such as Daesh and engender a serious threat to regional, even global security.”

He added that the international community should help Myanmar and Bagladesh to “ensure… the safe, voluntary and dignified return of refugees to their homes.”

In the resolution passed 33-3, with nine abstentions, the council “strongly condemned the alleged systematic and gross violations of human rights and abuses committed in Myanmar, in particular in Rakhine state, notably against persons belonging to the Rohingya Muslim community and other minorities, including women and children.”

Seperately, Joel Millman, spokesman for the UN migration agency, told a news conference: “It is now over 100 days since an upsurge in violence in Myanmar’s Northern Rakhine State forced some 625,792 Rohingya refugees to flee into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

“The conditions of the congested settlements, where the refugees are now living, are extremely dire.”

Since Aug. 25, more than 625,000 Rohingya have crossed from Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine into Bangladesh, according to the UN.

The refugees have fled a military operation in which security forces and Buddhist mobs have killed men, women and children, looted homes, and torched Rohingya villages.

Speaking in September, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abul Hasan Mahmood Ali, around 3,000 Rohingya have been killed in the crackdown.

Rohingya, described by the UN as the world’s most persecuted people, have faced heightened fears of attack since dozens were killed in communal violence in 2012.

The UN documented mass gang rapes, killings — including of infants and young children — brutal beatings, and disappearances committed by security personnel. In a report, UN investigators said such violations may have constituted crimes against humanity.

[Photo: Young children pump water as the Rohingya Muslims live under difficult circumstances at the refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh on December 3, 2017. Photographer: Fırat Yurdakul/AA]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/south-east-asia/un-much-suffering-rohingya-muslims-plight-seen/

Canadian Muslim youth killed for doing ‘right thing’ by trying to defend an old man

By Barry Ellsworth


TRENTON, Ontario (AA): Canadian authorities arrested one man Monday in the shooting death of a 19-year-old Muslim who police are hailing as a hero.

Police are now searching for another man who is believed to have shot Yosif Al-Hasnawi outside a mosque in Hamilton, Ontario, just west of Toronto.

There is also an investigation underway after paramedics who arrived to treat Al-Hasnawi were criticized by witnesses for their lackadaisical attitude.

The deceased, a Brock University medical sciences student, was hailed by police as being a hero after he intervened when two men were harassing an older man.

“This young man was doing what he felt was right in the situation,” Det. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk told reporters. âHe was a brave young man.”

Yusuf [Yosif] Al-Hasnawi was taking a break from a religious celebration at the Al-Mostafa Islamic Centre about 9:30 p.m. Saturday. After Al-Hasnawi finished the recitation of the Qur’an in in the mosque, he stepped out for fresh air, where he noticed two young adults harassing an old man.

When he noticed what was happening, Al-Hasnawi called out for the two men to stop.

“He saw an old man walking by here with two people who were trying to harass him, assault him, hit him, laughing at him,” one witness told reporters. “He only told them, ‘leave the old man alone.’

The men had œan interaction” with the Muslim youth and a shot rang out.

It turned out he was seriously wounded, but Amin Al-Tahir, a director at the mosque, said when paramedics arrived, they told the victim he was fine and indicated that he was acting.

“He told them, ‘I can’t breathe’,” Al-Tahir said.

Another witness, Tom Raczynski, who lives in the area, said paramedics kept saying he was “faking”.

“The one paramedic kept saying, ‘Oh, you’re a good actor’,” Raczynski said.

Hamilton Paramedic Services said in a statement Monday that an investigation into the incident is underway.

It is also not clear why Al-Hasnawi was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital when there was a trauma center at a closer hospital.

Bereziuk said Al-Hasnawi and his family immigrated to Canada from Iraq in 2008.

The police officer said the victim was trying to do the right thing.

“He was being that Good Samaritan,” Bereziuk said.

A ceremony will be held in Canada and then the remains will be sent to Iraq.

Additional report by The Muslim News


[Photo: . This photo was taken Saturday evening as Yusuf Al-Hasnawi recited the Qur’an. (Al-Mustafa Islamic Centre)]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/human-rights/canadian-muslim-youth-killed-right-thing-by-trying-to-defend-an-old-man/

US plan to move embassy to occupied Jerusalem ‘danger’ to peace

By Qays Abu Samra, Mahmut Geldi and Afra Aksoy

RAMALLAH/GAZA CITY, Palestine (AA): Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas on Sunday warned against U.S. plans to relocate its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying that such a move would jeopardize the future of the political process in the region.

His remarks came amid recent media reports that U.S. President Donald Trump was preparing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to Palestine’s official news agency WAFA, Abbas met with a delegation from the Democracy Front for Equality and Peace (Hadash) in Ramallah.

“Any step that the U.S. takes to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would endanger the future of the political process,” Abbas said during the meeting.

The president added that Arab countries including Palestine, and the international community would not recognize such a move by the U.S. administration.

Meanwhile, President Abbas and Hamas’ political chief Ismail Haniyeh spoke on the phone about the U.S. plan to move the embassy to Jerusalem, according to the latter’s office on late Sunday.

Heniyeh described the U.S. move as “very risky” and called for unity among the Palestinian groups.

The Palestinian leader has also spoken to many world leaders to prevent the US plan to relocate its embassy in Israel, according to Palestine’s official news agency WAFA on Sunday.

He sent statements to the African Union, the Arab Union, Organization of Islamic Cooperation as well Quartet on the Middle East namely “the U.N, the U.S., Russia, and the E.U.

The Arab League will have an extraordinary meeting to discuss the U.S. plan to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The league’s assistant secretary-general, Hossam Zaki, told reporters in Cairo early Monday that the representatives of the Arab League will convene urgently over Jerusalem on Tuesday after a request from Palestine.

Abbas wrote in the statement that such a decision would “ax the peace process,” and lead more instability in the region.
Earlier on Sunday, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Maliki called on the Arab League and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to convene to discuss the situation in Jerusalem.

The top Palestinian diplomat called for the emergency meetings during phone calls with Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul-Gheit and OIC Secretary-General Yousef al-Othaimeen, according to a statement by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry.

Al-Maliki warned that such a U.S. move would have grave consequences” and would “blow up the situation in the Palestinian territories and the region”.
Jerusalem remains at the core of the perennial Israel-Palestine conflict, as Palestinians want Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state.

During his election, Trump promised to relocate the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

[Photo: Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo by US Department of State/Wikimedia]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/palestine/us-plan-move-embassy-occupied-jerusalem-danger-peace/

Nigeria: Twin suicide bombings kill 13 in northeast Nigeria

By Olarewaju Kola



MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AA): At least 13 people were killed and 30 wounded on Saturday in two suspected suicide bombings in Nigeria’s northeast, police said.

Two female suicide bombers entered a marketplace in Biu, the third largest city in Borno State at 11.40 a.m. local time (1240GMT), police added.

Victor Isuku, police spokesman for Borno State, said the first bomb explosion occurred inside the market, while the second one happened outside the marketplace.

“A total of 13 persons excluding the two suicide bombers have been confirmed dead in the two explosions, while 53 others sustained various degrees of injuries,” Isuku said in a statement.

The incident was the first in nearly a year and half of relative peace in the area. The last explosion occurred in May 2016.

In August 2015, a suicide bomber killed at least 50 people at a market in a nearby village.

Biu is about 187 kilometers (116.2 miles) south of Maiduguri, the provincial capital of Borno State.

Additional report by The Muslim News

[Archive Photo: Suicide bombing in Nigeria in July 2015/AA]

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/campaign-on-terror/nigeria-twin-suicide-bombings-kill-13-northeast-nigeria/

UK: McDonald’s asks Muslim woman to remove headscarf

By Ahmet Gurhan Kartal


LONDON (AA): Fast-food chain McDonald’s apologized after a video surfaced Friday on Twitter of a 19-year-old Muslim student being refused entry because of her headscarf.

The video, posted by a friend of the woman who preferred to remain anonymous, shows a security guard asking her to remove her hijab.

She refused and used her phone to film the incident, which took place at a north London branch of the restaurant on Seven Sisters Road in Holloway district.

The short clip shows the security guard repeatedly asking her to remove the headscarf after blocking her from entering the restaurant.

She asks the guard why she cannot enter the McDonald’s, but he says “it’s just a matter of taking it off.”

The video continues with her response.

“It’s not just a matter of taking it off. I wear this for religious reasons and I’m not ashamed of it, and I will stand in line and I will get the food I want because this isn’t OK,â she says.

‘It’s finally happening to me, like it has to so many hijabis,” she told The Guardian newspaper.

“It didn’t feel real because I had seen so many videos like this, and it was finally happening to me in real life. I was in so much disbelief.

â€The friend I was with was shocked and scared and said it was a risky situation. When it was over, I finally realized how these situations can become dangerous. This is not a one-off thing,” she said.

“I will never walk into a McDonald’s again.”

McDonald’s “does not have a policy in place which restricts or prevents anyone wearing a hijab, or any other religious dress, from entering one of its restaurants,” a spokeswoman for the chain said.

We welcome customers of all faiths and would like to apologize to the customer, as this situation should not have taken place,” she said.

“We are taking this matter extremely seriously and are addressing this with the individuals involved.”

Article source: http://muslimnews.co.uk/news/uk/uk-mcdonalds-asks-muslim-woman-remove-headscarf/